Author and Offspring

What would you like to know?

1. This is a sort of a blog (seriously, you can hardly call it a blog) with FroZzen’s poetry, prose, travel notes and what not. Most of the stuff is in Bulgarian, so don’t be disheartened by the chaotic bilingualism here.

Check out the poems, short stories and impressionistic essays in English. More translations are coming soon.

2. My name is Tanya Stankeva. With a name like this people hardly get to call you in any other way. That’s why several years ago, I picked the nick FroZzen and I’ve been hanging around with it for some time.

3. This is not my first blog, but no one heard about the previous ones, as they were deleted right after they had been created. I meant to keep this very blog for a day or two and then just get rid of it, but it wouldn’t go and happened to survive.

4. Most of the things I do are rather useless, just like this web space. The rest is interpretation…

5. Anything else you’d like to ask?

5. 1/2 The choice of the header was inspired by Eva Indica, to whom I am tremendously grateful!



2 thoughts on “Author and Offspring

  1. Tania,
    Your blog is great! At least I have not seen anything that better. Thanks for the pleasure you rewarded me by studying
    your blog. I will be back soon.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the flattering and kind words! This gives me comfort to keep up the film thing. More film reviews are coming, especially in the face of this-year’s Sofia Film Festival.

    Why on earth are you writing in English? But thanks again, very encouraging for “a young poetess”. 🙂

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