So long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

Approaching the end of an year filled with impressions I take the liberty to write it in English. As some of you might know, I used to work at the international department of one of the biggest, if not the biggest broadcaster in this country. This is not so important, as it will turn out, of course. It only serves as an explanation as to why I have so many intl colleagues…

The reason why I came up with the idea to have this post is the huge number of emails, which followed my good-bye email, sent out to most of my international and local contacts (I was called a yuppie because of this very fact, but never mind).

So, today, having sent out at least 500 notes, I started to receive replies… They all varied in content, but were without exception positive, well-meaning and friendly. But I found particularly fascinating, and worth sharing with you, my dear reader, the difference in the… hm… warmth that they irradiated. Lets not split hairs over theory. Here go some quotes:

Switzerland – small wonder the Swiss watch was invented in this country:

“Dear Tanya

Following your message here under and in order to update our database could you please kindly provide us with full details such as name, phone, fax and email address of the person who is replacing you.

Wish you all the best for the future.

Kind regards”

Finland, brrr, cold and bitter:

“Thanks for the notice, Tanya. It was nice meeting you. Good luck with what ever you do in the future.”

I like this cool Slovenian approach:


And what are your reasons for leaving, if is not a secret?!
How are you? Will you get any other job?”

Hungary – the white Danube.. and so on

“Dear Tanya,

Good luck!”

Belgium / London / cosmo

“Wow – so you are moving on to pastures new? Will you remain in the media sector ?

I have lovely memories of our very first and oh so frantic contact at the time of the […] in Athens (possibly one of the headaches of your career ??) […]. You have a wonderful attitude and you will be missed! Having said that – we have each other’s e-mails and there are so many possibilities to keep in touch … so it’s not goodbye … [etc. etc.]

Tanya – warm greetings to you and every success! It has been a pleasure and will continue to be a pleasure …”

Canada – always on the road

“Congrats! Hope you get a big raise!”
Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

And finaly Greece, where it is always sunny and it’s always time for party:

“Hey my sweet Tanya,
I’ve just read your message. I want to wish you the very best in your future plans and I hope that you’ll be happy in your new life adventures. Of course we’ll keep in touch and hopefully meet again one day soon.
Sunny greetings from Thessaloniki,”